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The members of the fire brigade Madiswil can be reached 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year via the emergency number 118 or 112. We take care of you in the event of fire, explosion, elementary, oil-fueled events and any kind of assistance. All these tasks are performed by militia firefighters, who, besides their professional activities, complete an extensive training service.

The command

As a commander of the fire brigade Madiswil, I have respect for my new task. But nothing is as constant as the changes. Our merged community is growing together, and there are already changes in the training of the fire brigade. With the fire brigade instructions from the 1st of October 2013 and the new training landscape of the GVB , in the coming years we have sufficient training bases to carry out interesting exercises.

The Rules

After the revision of our community fire service, the fire department of the Commission for Public Security is under the control of the fire department. A new one is also responsible for expressing the buses for the excuse of being excused without excuses during regular exercises. The commander is responsible for the day-to-day business with the specialized commission.

Fire service

The fire service begins on 1 January after the 20 th year of age and ends on 31 December after the 52nd birthday. Fire-fighters who do not provide fire service have to pay an annual fire-brigade replacement fee. Persons who have performed fire service during 25 years can be released from the fire service. In return for their work, they will be freed from the duties of the child until the age limit is reached.

The tasks

The classical task of the fire brigade has always been to combat fire. Thanks to the fast intervention times many a big fire could be prevented. This also keeps the damage sum low. As a result of the short release times, the fire brigade has always been given new tasks. The FW Madiswil provides assistance, elementary events (storms, floods, etc.) and events which damage or endanger the environment. This service is also provided for work and recreational accidents of any kind. Our traffic department is responsible for our safety when we make use of the increasingly busy streets. The specialists of the electrical department are responsible for the powerless construction of buildings in the fire, as well as the lighting of damage areas.

The new

Through good mouth-to-mouth advertising, as every year, new firefighters can divide.
We are dependent on these re-allocations, but we have also abandoned some 3-5 ADFs every year. So: Are you cool enough for a hot hobby? Then let me know…….

2014; Maj Beat Zulliger




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